Trading on Axiodex

AXIODEX is a decentralized platform that provides seamless trading without the necessity for usernames or passwords. The platform sources prices from an aggregate feed, minimizing risks from sudden price fluctuations.

The Basics

Connecting Your Wallet

  • Link your wallet using the "Connect Wallet" on the AXIODEX Trade page.

  • If prompted, opt for "Add BASE chain" to integrate it into your wallet or add it manually.

Backup RPC URLs

  • Relying on the decentralized nature, AXIODEX uses RPC URLs for data requests and transactions.

  • Slow responses from the RPC URL might cause data delays. For a list of reliable RPC URLs, consult our socials.

Modifying the RPC URL in MetaMask

  1. Activate MetaMask.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Networks.

  3. Implement the new RPC URL and confirm.


Axiodex supports both swaps and leverage trading. For swaps, click on the "Swap" tab on the Trade page, this will open the interface to swap tokens.

For leveraged trading, please see the below sections for more information.

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