Vault esAXN for AXN Rewards

Convert your esAXN tokens into AXN by vaulting them via the Earn page. Upon initial vaulting, an average of AXN or ALP tokens that helped earn esAXN rewards are earmarked.

Here's an illustration: Say you staked 1000 AXN and amassed 100 esAXN tokens. To vault those 100 esAXN, 1000 AXN tokens will be set aside. Similarly, for vaulting 50 esAXN, 500 AXN tokens get earmarked. Remember, this is just an exemplification; actual ratios are contingent upon the mean staked amount and rewards for your account.

Tokens designated for vaulting persistently yield rewards. Once vaulting commences, esAXN converts to AXN continuously and will be fully vested in 365 days. Converted esAXN to AXN tokens can be claimed anytime. If users offload AXN or ALP tokens and wish to vault their esAXN rewards subsequently, repurchasing AXN or ALP tokens will be essential.

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