Hold ALP for Rewards

$ALP is the Axiodex Liquidity Pool (LP) token.

For general knowledge about Liquidity Pools (LPs), please see the following links: https://medium.com/@DefiLimited/liquidity-pools-explained-54294a39012 https://phemex.com/academy/what-is-a-liquidity-pool

Benefits of Holding ALP:

  • Obtain Escrowed AXN (esAXN) rewards.

  • Receive 70% of the platform fees in ETH. After setting aside referral bonuses and network fees (about 1%), the remainder is allocated amongst ALP holders.

  • ALP holders benefit as liquidity providers. In trading, their gains are inversely proportional to the losses of traders.

For more information about $ALP, please see the Providing Liquidity using ALP section.

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